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Since 1995, I have had the opportunity to work for the two largest athletic and academic recruiting companies in the county. Those companies are National Scouting Report and College Prospects of America. These companies are very similar. Because of my time there, I learned a lot and met a few thousand people, many I now call good friends. Now I’d like to share what I learned and help you as you go through this stressful process.
With the economy tanking, a college education is vital to every American student and it’s going to be harder to pay for than ever. Hopefully you can use the free information as I post it on this site. Our college graduates have to save the world as we know it today.
I just want to do my part to help them get a good education.

Unlike the days I attended games, meets, and matches 5 to 7 days a week, I will help you by providing you with the same information recruiting companies sell for $850.00 to $3295.00.

Please read everything on this site before you email me with a question. The answer is probably here – best stream tv box.

Thanks for visiting my new web site! I can’t believe over 50,000 hopeful recruits have visited already!

This information is totally FREE and you won’t need a user name or password!
My advertisers keep it all free for you! Please let them know you saw their ad here when you call or visit. If you see something I need to add, delete, or re-spell, please don’t hesitate to let me know. E mail me anytime at [email protected]

If you are one of my former clients, and don’t see your picture on here, please send me pictures of ”glory days gone by” and I’ll gladly post them! Thank you!

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