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I know too many former athletes that coulda, woulda, and shoulda, but made wrong decisions at a crucial times, and missed they’re opportunity to ever play their sport again.

I made many mistakes during my recruiting days and I still have a burning desire to help great athletes not make those same recruiting mistakes today.
In the last 40 plus years, I have coached and assisted coaches from the Little League level through the high school levels in football, baseball, softball, and wrestling. I was also the Parks and Recreation Director in Zanesville, Ohio.

Before that, I played 5 sports in high school and would have probably tried a few more if our school offered them. Fortunately for my parents and siblings, 5 sports was more than enough!
I have been in the sports business since 1995, when I became a scout and recruiting counselor for National Scouting Report in Savannah, Georgia. I was given the opportunity to open a new territory there and soon became an Area Director. I eventually turned the territory over to former Georgia Southern Basketball Coach Mike Backus, when I returned to Ohio for family reasons.
When I returned to Ohio in 1999, I went to work for College Prospects of America. I opened a new territory in east central Ohio and western West Virginia and developed that area for four years. I was able to enroll and help over 100 athletes while helping ”my kids” find and save millions of dollars to enroll in colleges that were a good match for them.

Four years later I opened a new office in the Zanesville, Ohio, and returned to National Scouing Report until March of 2009. April 1, 2009, I launched this site for my new hobby. At that time I had no idea what Facebook was. My grandson, Hunter, and my daughter Heather, talked me into signing up.

Since then, I have started a Twitter account, a Linkedin account, and can report that over 50,000 people have stopped to visit this site.

During the previous 14 plus years, I had the opportunity to work with over 500 athletes and their families. During that time, brightest flashlight selling like crazy. Over 90% went on to college and played their sport and got scholarships and, or, financial aid. Several are still playing and I enjoy going to their games now too.

I invite you to learn what I have learned and documented on this free web site. Please use this site and email me if you have further questions or suggestions on how to make this site a better tool to help you with your recruiting needs. Thanks.

Greg Hamilton
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